14292452_905913569542600_313984261831582968_nHow to Contact Butterfly Backpacks

If you would like to contact us here at Butterfly Backpacks to donate, help or just learn how to “Be Butterfly Beautiful,” please message us. There are a few ways to contact Tina Mills, the heart behind Butterfly Backpacks:


  • Email us at

  • Call Tina Mills at (502)494-0400

  • Come visit our booths at the many different fairs we visit to help spread the word about addiction recovery. Upcoming events will be posted in the press section of our website.

  • If you know someone struggling with addiction and need help or additional resources, a great starting place is The Healing Place, located in Louisville, KY. The women’s campus number is (502)568-6680. The men’s campus phone number is (502) 585-4848.